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Gryphon Sports Centre,

Bristol Road, Sherborne, Dorset



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Frequently Asked Questions

Costs & Membership

If I can’t make it one night do I get a refund?

If you have paid for the term you will not get a refund for non-attendance. If you pay-as-you-go then you will only pay for those nights you attend

Do I have to apply to join?

No, just turn up at on one of the evenings and make yourself known to the committee member in charge. We ask all newcomers to join us on a Monday, for your first visit, as this is when we have the most court space, committee members and we can give you a proper introduction to the club.

Do I have to pay every night?

You have to pay for each night to attend if you choose to pay-as-you-go. This is currently £6 a session payable in cash on the night. If you want to pay each term then the current fee of £63 paid to the treasurer (ideally by bank transfer) allows you to attend any two nights a week.

Is there a joining fee?
No – just the nightly fee whenever you play or the termly fee if you want to pay that way.


What should I wear?
Anything respectable and comfortable that you can move easily in.
Do I have to wear special shoes?
No – any trainers are acceptable although many sports halls prefer people not to wear black-soled shoes because they are more likely to make marks on the floor. Softer trainers are better because they tend to provide more grip.

As you improve, it is recommended to get some badminton specific shoes, which have a flatter heel, which aids movement and helps prevent injury.

Do I have to wear white?
No, any colour is quite acceptable at club nights


Do I have to have my own racket?
No, we can provide one for you although most people do have their own
Do I have to provide shuttles?
No, the club will provide feather shuttles for each night and for matches
Do you play with plastic or feather shuttles?
We use feather shuttlecocks for all club nights, matches and tournaments.
What happens if I break a string?
We have a number of contacts that can repair broken strings. Speak to a member of the committee.

Social & Entertainment

Can I bring a friend?
We allow visitors to attend twice before asking them to pay.
Do you have other social events?
Yes, we run various social events throughout including a Christmas party and a summer barbeque

Club Nights

Do you play Mixed, Levels or Singles?
We predominantly play levels or mixed doubles. However, if court time and numbers allow, singles can be available. We don’t enter a competitive singles league.
Can I come to any club night?

Yes. The club runs three nights a week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and you can attend any night. Friday tends to be a higher level of competition, so if you are a real beginner perhaps give that one a miss to start with.

Who chooses the games?
These are arranged informally by a committee member each night.

If you have a specific request to play with someone let the committee member know and they will try and arrange it for you.

I am female, am I expected to stay at the front?
Whilst a traditional mixed partnership used to be the female players as the ‘net player’, we do encourage a more modern approach where players play to their strengths.
Does the club run throughout the year?
Yes – we run every week and there are very few evenings where the sports hall is not open.

Even during holiday times and bank holidays, the club will usually be open.

Do all club players understand tactics?
We have players of all abilities and experience. We do encourage competitive games, using tactics and strategy, but we do have social players for whom this is not a priority.
I have only just started to play badminton. Can I play at the club and will I get beaten in every game?
We encourage people of all abilities and levels in the game to play. You will play with people of a similar standard to yourself and some better. You will probably find people who are less good too!

We expect everybody to be willing to play with everybody else, so everyone can develop and improve being helped by the better players. We ask better players to be mindful of the less good people with whom they are expected to play. We also arrange coaching for those who feel they would like to be told how to play better.

Can I get coaching?
We arrange coaching as necessary and appropriate.

If you are interested in being coached, please let a committee member know.

If you are a coach and would like to offer your services please let us know too.

What experience do club members have?
We have players from all levels, from complete beginners, to members of the County Squads, the Veterans Team and a number of qualified coaches.
How do I get more information?
This web site has most of the information you might need. If you have a specific question then please email the Chairman

Matches & Tournaments

Do I have to play in a team?
No, playing for a team is voluntary although we do try to get as many involved as possible in the teams at various levels
Where are matches held?
Matched are based at either home or away venues. Away venues are across Somerset & Dorset.
Do I have to pay for matches?

Yes. If you play in a match there will be a match fee to pay on the night. This is currently £6 per match.

Do you run tournaments for members?
Yes, there a usually a couple of internal tournaments each year run for fun. They are handicapped so there is a reasonable chance for anyone to win.

There are other local tournaments too in which you can choose to play and which attract members from other clubs too. These run at different levels of ability.

Can I play in a team?
Yes. Team Captains are always looking for new team members.